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Fermentation method


We are famous for our meat fermentation method, which is unique in the world and is a cultural heritage of nomadic culture. The recipe was developed by Kyrgyz elders and passed down from generation to generation. The originality of the method is that the process of aging meat takes place not only in specialized chambers, but also in a yurt, a universal traditional Kyrgyz dwelling made of felt and elm wood. In this case, this structure has a different use. During the dehydration of meat, the yurt is open, the felt is removed from the walls and roof, so that the fresh mountain wind blows on everything that is hung on special wooden grates. The process takes 30 days, after which the yurt is completely closed, and a fire is made of beech, alder and oak chips in the hearth for smoking. The complete process of preparing delicacies takes from 60 to 730 days.

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