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history of the company

The name of the company Attila Organic Foods comes from the name of the great ruler of the Huns of the 5th century AD. In the time of Attila, ancient nomads took meat with them on the road and tied it under the saddle of a horse. Under human pressure, it became flat and was well salted, which allowed it to ripen and be stored longer. At rest stops, the meat was hung on tree branches to dry.

This is how dry-curing appeared - a new method of preparing meat, elements of the technology of which we, as the descendants of the leader, preserved in our production.


(С) Фотографии сделаны с настоящих продуктов компании

Cattle for Attila Organic Foods products graze at an altitude of 2500 meters, on the slopes of the heavenly Tien Shan mountains, where there is absolutely rarefied clean air and a unique natural environment.

The secret of our meat is that the animals feed on the sunny side of the mountains with male herbs, which are saturated with the energy of the sun and, accordingly, a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and elements that cannot be found in the lowlands. Cattle also drink melted glacial water, which is otherwise called “live”, as it is full of useful microelements, has healing properties and improves immunity. Our product is incomparably different from the usual types of premium meat, such as black angus and marbled beef.

We improve the qualities of meat obtained after natural saturation by nature itself by salting it with mountain eco-salt in oak boxes for a hundred days, which gives a special taste that gives incredible pleasure.

We guarantee the quality of meat, as we comply with all sanitary and veterinary control and HACCP food safety.


These products were specially prepared for people with refined taste, who value every moment of their life and choose only the finest and best for themselves. Feel the taste of real meat! Give yourself and your guests an unforgettable experience.

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We all know how little time there is to create a masterpiece when you're in the kitchen. But especially for you, we have prepared unique semi-finished products with various fillings and types of dough. With our products you will get maximum taste for minimum effort.

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Our company offers a wide range of jam and honey of various tastes and varieties. You can choose your favorite flavors and enjoy them all year round. Make your life brighter and tastier with our jam and honey!



The taste of hot summer even in the coldest winter? We took care of this for you. Blast freezing retained 100% of the taste and beneficial properties especially for you.



The most important thing in winter is to get the same amount of vitamins as in summer so as not to get sick, so we have prepared a series of products that will preserve your beauty and youth.

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The taste of hot summer even in the coldest winter? We took care of this for you. Blast freezing retained 100% of the taste and beneficial properties especially for you.

Вкус жаркого лета даже в самую холодную зиму? Мы позаботились об этом за Вас. Шоковая заморозка сохранила  100% вкуса и полезных свойств специально для Вас.


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